About Us


Welcome to our home...

  We present these shows in our home...in the living room or preferably in the back yard looking at the mountains.  We discourage overuse of alcohol, talking during the show...and smoking is definitely unacceptable.  The music is never loud; rather it would be termed intimate.  Most shows will have a Pot Luck snack and great talk beforehand.  Check the schedule.


Managing Expectations

 Donations should be from $15-$20 per person, unless otherwise posted in advance.  Because seating is limited, we need people who register...to actually show up.  No-shows seriously affect the performer's ability to present these wonderful shows on the road, and to earn a living. 


Typical Program


Two 45 minute sets of "in your face" music, and the opportunity to meet the performer.  During the break, the performer will often interact with the crowd and personalize CD's which are generally for sale.  Buying these CD's is a great way to support the artist as well...plus you get to take them home.

It is much appreciated when you purchase musicians CD's and it helps enable them to perform in these intimate venues.